University Esports Turkey – Intercollegiate League Of Legends Tournament


University Esports Turkey – Intercollegiate League Of Legends Tournament – April 2021! The intercollegiate League Of Legends Tournament we organized with our partner GGTECH as Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency has been concluded. The tournament, in which 256 teams and a total of 1280 players participated, was a very fun and exciting moment.

ABOUT THE TOURNAMENT University Esports Turkey Tournament is an award-winning esports tournament between universities, in which 128 teams and 640 players in total compete fiercely. The tournament was played as a team (5 people) and 128 teams were divided into 8 qualifying groups. The teams that managed to be the top two in the qualifying groups played with the double-elimination format qualified to advance to the group stage. The first team of each group got their name written in the semi-finals. The winning team of the grand final was entitled to represent its country in the European championship. The tournament took place on the University Esports Turkey platform. In the tournament, which was held on the University Esports Turkey platform, only teams formed by university students took part in the tournament. Each university held a tournament to choose the team that would represent their university. The teams that won the tournament participated in and were entitled to represent their university at their own universities registered for the University Esports Turkey tournament.

Let’s see what happened in our tournament.

University Esports Turkey

Intercollegiate League Of Legends Tournament


Tournament Statistics

  • A total of 90 matches were played.
  • The total game time lasted 1470 minutes.
  • 49 teams and a total of 281 players took part in the tournament.
  • Number of users subscribed to the site: 641
  • Total number of messages sent to Discord: 10,000+
  • Number of players assisted on Discord: 200+
  • 2 university teams that left their rivals behind with a strong team spirit and made it to the finals in the semi-finals of University Esports Turkey;
    • #1 – Red Dragons – Bahçeşehir University
    • #2 – MAU Esports – Maltepe University


Live Broadcast Statistics

  • Total Live Broadcast Time 4 Hours

UET Semi-Final Statistics

  • Total broadcast time: 1 hour 57 minutes
  • The average number of viewers: 136
  • Total minutes watched live: 15.802 minutes
  • Number of unique viewers: 500
  • Total number of live views: 943

UET Final Statistics

  • Total broadcast time: 2 hours 33 minutes
  • Average viewership: 170
  • Total minutes watched live: 26.030 minutes
  • Number of unique viewers: 1472
  • Total number of live views: 2.404



  • 10.000+

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About UET

It is the national esports competition where the best players of each university face off as a team in the National championship. Intel University Esports offers a new perspective on the esports environment.