Gaming In MENA – Gaming Agency and Esports Agency Services: As a team who achieved the “Max Level” gives all the games marketing services a game company or brands needs (Online, Offline, Mobile, PC, Free to Play or Pay to Play, Console). Analyzing users’ needs, translation in any language pairs, mobile game marketing, PC game marketing,  localization, UI/UX, media plan management, video production, 360-degree marketing, product positioning and strategy, digital marketing, user acquisition, user acquisition strategies, esports, gaming tournament for MENA, social media management, creative design, digital PR, offline PR, influencer marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), ASO (App Store Optimization), events, partnerships with giant companies.

Our game service team consists of highly skilled Native Community and Social Media Managers, Digital Marketing and Games Marketing Managers and Product Managers with years of experience.

We are able to provide services in all countries in the Middle East, especially Iran, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, United Arab Emirates (UAE).


  • Game Localization
  • Game Influencer Marketing
  • Game Media Planning
  • Game Video Production
  • Game Brand & Strategy
  • Game Digital Marketing
  • Game User Acquisition
  • Game Social Media
  • Game Creative Designs
  • Game Digital PR & PR
  • Game Partnerships
  • Game and Esports Consultancy for Brands
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Sectoral Reports


  • Esports Organizations
  • Sponsorship
  • Team Management
  • Online Tournaments
  • Internet Cafe Events


  • Game Translation
  • Game Events
  • Game Customer Support
  • Local Payment Options
  • Game Management
  • Game Moderation
  • Game Monitoring (7 / 24)


  • Cross-Platform Testing
  • Device Screen Size Test
  • Compatibility Test
  • Functional Controls
  • Design & UI Controls
  • Usability Test
  • Bug & Fixes
  • Language QA
  • Full Test Before Launch


  • Cloud
  • CDN
  • Hosting
  • Multi Downloader Platform


  • Concept Design
  • Character Design
  • Illustration
  • Marketing Assets
  • 3D Modeling
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • And More…


The translation is among the most important first steps of publishing a game. Arabic players want to play games in Arabic and want to progress in the game by understanding every single word. Having proper Arabic language support is very important to be successful in this market. And that’s what we do as Gaming in MENA – Gaming Agency and Esports Agency. We offer you something beyond a simple translation service.

The literal translation is not enough to keep the players’ loyalty to the game. The aim of Gaming in MENA is to kindle the interest of Arabic players and present a high quality and fun game experience by providing a translation precisely carried out and adapted in line with various aspects. It’s about cultural understandings.

Chinese, Korean, English or Japanese… Whatever the source material is, Gaming in MENA is ready to present the most beautiful stories to Arabic players with its translation team, composed of gamers. We offer you not a literal translation, we already have professional localizers here in Gamin In MENA ready to take your game and create a new version of it. Do not forget, translation is the first step of games marketing!

Gaming in MENA – Gaming Agency and Esports Agency Service Areas

  • Game Translation – English To Arabic
  • Game Translation – German To Arabic
  • Game Translation – Korean To English
  • Game Translation – Korean To Arabic
  • Game Translation – Chinese To English
  • Game Translation – Chinese To Arabic
  • Game Translation – Japanese To Turkish
  • You can contact for other languages
gaming in mena gaming agency services translation
gaming in mena gaming agency services it services


Game IT Services; Technology, especially internet services changes the perception of the world and business model. The internet is not the only argument that supports the business, but also it’s a business model itself. The changing economy created a new business model. We and our partners assure value-added next-generation data center solutions in this model like Cloud, CDN and Hosting services to our customers for games. Cloud Server service with Hyper-V, Oracle VM and VMware virtualization platforms, Cloud DNS service offered at multiple locations, flexible, manageable and real-time customized cloud L/B service, storage of digital assets in different locations and integration with CDN algorithm, CND Web Acceleration, Media Acceleration, Dynamic Web Acceleration, China Acceleration, Russia Acceleration, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server, Colocation.

Gaming in Mena – Game IT Services

  • Cloud Server
  • Cloud DNS
  • Cloud L/B
  • Cloud Storage
  • CDN
  • Hosting


It is a must to have a good command of historical and cultural features. The traditional culture of each country continues its own way without getting lost inside the aspects brought by the modern world. Regionally localized game contents make players feel like they are inside the game world and increase their loyalty to games. We handle the translation of your game and not only translating the content but adapting it to local culture and taste. Game Localization For MEA!

Sometimes a familiar map or area design, sometimes an in-game character, familiar character names, or maybe in-game items, familiar sentence structures… Which voice actor should you work with, and how will they contribute to the game…? Remember that combining the main elements of the game with cultural localization increases the interest and fun, and helps to add new players to the game. The power of Gaming in MENA comes from bringing localized game content together. With a deep understanding of the cultural aspects of the regions, we provide a complete localization service.

Gaming in Mena – Gaming Agency and Esports Agency Service Areas

  • In-game Localization
  • LQA Complete localization with the understanding of culture, values, and ideas of the local market
  • LQA Check for omissions, typos, and inaccurate expressions
  • LQA UI misplacement
  • LQA Basic functional test
  • Turkish Voice Over
  • Turkish Game Music
gaming in mena gaming agency services localization
gaming in mena gaming agency services ui ux


The idea of user interface acknowledged by the whole world is very similar in games. In a good interface designed according to game genres, players can easily find event sections, character details or sound and graphics options. However, it differs greatly in some conditions. Some changes may be important according to the local position and habits of the player audience.

Games which analyses its own players best and designed their user interface accordingly step further in comparison to their competitors. From PC to mobile, Gaming in MENA UI&UX team presents region specific user interface suggestions for all platforms and genres. Gaming in MENA is very confident that you will get all analysis and options in this aspect.

Gaming in Mena – Gaming Agency and Esports Agency Service Areas

  • Web Sites & Portal
  • PC Games
  • Mobile Games & Applications


Knowing where to access the players, which frequency you will use, and what message will affect them, starts with a good analysis. If we want to use the budget in the most efficient way possible, these are some of the aspects Gaming in MENA takes: evaluating the market, following periodical changes, analyzing rivals, detecting media targets, fully determining the target audience, choosing the most suitable media channels and creating the media karma.

Online, Offline, printed media, outdoor, TV, PR, classical marketing channels, influencer marketing, display, Google Adwords, Facebook, digital PR, video, video production, performance marketing, programmatic, field organizations, tournaments, events, user acquisition or new media… While performing media planning for your game's marketing, the important thing for the Gaming in MENA team is directing target players to the game according to the given budget and strategy, keep tracking and analyzing these activities, and developing the plan consistently.

gaming in mena gaming agency services media planning


Creating good content is as important as using the media correctly. Gaming in MENA team creates high-quality local video content for any game and project from desktop videos to large productions, from special video streamers to viral contents.

Gaming in Mena – Gaming Agency and Esports Agency Service Areas

  • Desktop Videos
  • Big Production Videos
  • Streamer Projects
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Viral Videos
gaming in mena gaming agency services game video production
gaming in mena gaming agency services 360 marketing


Earth is round! Galileo’s final words trigger the most important rules of game marketing. You can call it integrated marketing, or conventional advertising, or 360-degree marketing for games. The Gaming in MENA team manages conventional advertising, PR, promotions, direct marketing, events, digital marketing, analyze and computation in a harmony and continues the games marketing activities within the plans. Gaming in MENA finds whatever mediums the players are using and captures the players there.


Having 12 years + of experience, Gaming in MENA team has been working in the game market in the region with 40 games published and more than 20 brands created under various roofs. Successful brand creation is only possible with a strategy, which will lead ways for the masses. In order to create the correct strategy, key points are to know the audience well and take the necessary steps by conducting an accurate analysis. Gaming in MENA team is willing to share their own experiences from game/brand name to its positioning, from picking the target audience to choosing linguistic elements.

gaming in mena gaming agency services brand strategy development


It is the most efficient marketing field of the digital world’s brands. It is measurable, computable, and available to take urgent actions. Google Adwords, Facebook User Acquisition Campaigns, Display, Performance, Programmatic, Youtube, Twitter Campaigns, Affiliate contracts, SEO and Seeding, CPI, CPM, CPV, CPS, digital agreements, and campaigns are created and reported specifically to the brand by Gaming in MENA. For your game's marketing, we are ready to handle your hard KPI’s too!

Gaming in Mena – Gaming Agency and Esports Agency Service Areas

  • Facebook User Acquisition Campaigns
  • Google Adwords – User Acquisition
  • Twitter Campaigns – User Acquisition
  • Youtube Campaigns – User Acquisition
  • Affiliate Agreements
  • SEO & Seeding – Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Campaigns with Special Content
gaming in mena gaming agency services digital marketing
gaming in mena gaming agency services social media management


Online Games live because of huge communities. To interact with them through Forum, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, In-Game Chat or support emails is very important. The local and Arabic social media management and community management addresses the matters such as detecting suitable mediums for the brand/game, creating strategies for spreading, creating medium-based daily, weekly, monthly content and projects, responding the comments and complaints on social media and creating reports regarding the comments…

Gaming in Mena – Gaming Agency and Esports Agency Service Areas

  • Creating Social Media Strategies
  • Arabic Social Media Management (Content and Visuals)
  • Arabic Game Community Management
  • Arabic Social Media Moderation
  • Reporting


Gaming in MENA creative team presents designs reflecting game worlds. Valuing even the smallest visual, the team offers the most effective solutions for games from A to Z, such as website designs, teaser pages, social media visuals, digital advertisement visuals, printed materials, and game icons. HTML5 Banner Design, Flash Banner Design Jpeg, Gif, Png Banner Design, Youtube Masthead Banner, Rich media Masthead Banner, Landing Page Design, E-Malling Design, E-Mailing Coding, Page skin Design, Google Set Banner, Mobile Banner Design, Video Banner Design, Logo Design, Social Media Creative Designs, Poster, Artwork, P.O.P Material Designs…

gaming in mena gaming agency services creative designs


Although you do your job as excellent as it can be, not many people will know about this if you cannot advertise it to the world. A successful product, game, or a marketing strategy should be announced publicly. Gaming in MENA Digital PR and PR team spreads the word in public, and make everyone see the successful projects.

Announcing your success not only to the players but also to the whole masses will increase the value and the prestige of the product. Players need to know new games are out there. Gaming in MENA PR team interacts not only with established print and online magazines but also with bloggers, streamers.

Gaming in Mena – Gaming Agency and Esports Agency Service Areas

  • Creating Game PR Strategies
  • Creating Bulletin Contents
  • Periodical online PR bulletins
  • Reporting
gaming in mena gaming agency services digital pr - mass pr management
gaming in mena gaming agency services internet cafe events esports


Esports Organizations, game events – organizations, fairs, game exhibitions, internet cafes… Wherever the players are, the Gaming in MENA team is there. With 12 years of experience, hundreds of internet cafe organizations, game exhibitions participation, event organization, event management, game booth design, game booth construction, esports organizations like BLAST Pro Series, the Gaming in MENA team share the same language with players in the field and ready to meet new games to the players. Esports is one of the professions of the Gaming in MENA team. Organizing online and offline tournaments and events, finding sponsors, contacting directly with players, and presentation in tournaments are within the Gaming in MENA team’s responsibilities.

Gaming in Mena – Gaming Agency and Esports Agency Service Areas

  • Esports Organizations
  • Team Management
  • Online Tournaments
  • Offline Tournaments
  • Sponsorship
  • Internet Cafe Events
  • Game Exhibition and Organization Events
  • Game Booth Design
  • Game Booth Construction
  • P.O.P Materials


Local and international brands move together to access the masses. Gaming in MENA uses expert methods for gamification and to introduce games to big brands in the Middle East. Having a wide portfolio from the FMCG market to telecommunication companies, from the entertainment sector to media organizations, Gaming in MENA brings not only games and players, but also brands and target audiences together. This association both brings income and helps spread the brands to masses.

gaming in mena gaming agency services partnership


After the release, player feedbacks contain important information to enhance the game. Listening to the players is not enough. You must enhance the game according to the ideas and suggestions, and problems occurred. Gaming in MENA creates a roadmap that will always support the players in each phase. Companies who catch the client right from the start, solve their problems, listen to their ideas, get feedback from all the social mediums and in-game without limitation, understand the client-focused idea of Gaming in MENA.

Gaming in Mena – Gaming Agency Service Areas

  • Customer Support – Phone Support
  • Customer Support – Live Chat Support
  • Customer Support – Email Support
  • Customer Support – On-Site Support
  • Customer Support – Social Media
gaming in mena gaming agency services customer support
gaming in mena gaming agency services influencer marketing


MENA Game Influencer Marketing; Video and social media have become the biggest communication tool of our time by the concept of the Millennial generation. First we are finding right digital Talent for the brand, second, we create perfect Idea and Strategy and last we finalize Production. Influencer Marketing is a new generation media to deliver our messages by using social media talents who have a huge number of followers and fans with influencing power.

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead inspire /hire/pay influencers to get out the word for you. Influencer marketing often goes hand-in-hand with two other forms of marketing: social media marketing and content marketing. Most influencer campaigns have some sort of social-media component, whereby influencers are expected to spread the word through their personal social channels.

Many influencer campaigns also carry a content element in which either you create content for the influencers, or they create the content themselves. Though social media and content marketing often fit inside influencer campaigns, they are not synonymous with influencer marketing. Twitch TV, Youtube, Instagram, or other local channels. We provide you with all details for influencer marketing in MEA.


Game QA or Game Quality Assurance! One of the most important and continuous processes for a perfect start. As Gaming in MENA test team, we work for all kinds of video game productions (PC, Mobile, or console) to thoroughly test video games before the final version is released to the public. Also, this process known as beta game tests. First, we receive a version of a game that is close to its final stages and play the game many times, from beginning to the end, in order to detect bugs or glitches within the game.

Don’t Forget; bugs and glitches would abound in games, possibly making them unplayable and destroying the reputation of the video game production company if you don’t do Game QA correctly! Because of the region, beta tests are not important for players. The last playable version is important in GCC Region and for your game's marketing. You need a perfect QA process to submit your product without bugs or glitches to your customers. Otherwise, it is hard to gather lost players who see there is a problem in your game.

Gaming in Mena – Gaming QA Services

  • Analyze Documents
  • Design Documents
  • The Number Of Devices & Models
  • Cross-Platform Testing
  • Device Screen Size & Operating System Compatibility Tests
  • Product Functional Controls
  • Design & UI Controls
  • Usability Tests
  • Check For Bug & Fixes & Controlling Every Function
  • Full Test Before Launch
  • Preparation & Reporting Of Test Scenarios
gaming in mena gaming agency services qame qa
gaming in mena gaming agency services game management


Gaming in MENA – Game Agency is here for you to give 7 / 24 non-stop support with the most experienced team of gamers who have already proven experience in game management, analysis, and suggestions, event proposals, game insight reports and operational managements.

Our GM’s have shown time and time again that they are capable of anything for successful launches and continuous operations.

With this unique service, Gaming in MENA is providing non-stop communication between game companies and Turkish players, using its professional team and strong connections. As a developer or publisher, you don’t need to open an entity or local office in the Middle East, you don’t need to increase your costs, Gaming in MENA is here for you to take all responsibility for your game operations.